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Facebook is great for keeping contact with loved ones, friends and relatives. You can post updates on your life, upload pictures on it and leave comments on other posts. More often than not, you see something you really like. We mean, really really like – it is not enough to just like it. You have to post a comment showing your affectation. You want to express your love. What better to do it with a heart symbol on Facebook. Unfortunately, a lot of facebook users don’t know how to make a heart symbol on this famous social media platform. We do and we’ll show you.

The secret is to type ‘<3’

This is how you make a heart symbol on facebook

A lot of people might think that is hard to make a heart symbol on facebook. But in fact it is one of the easiest things you can do. To show love and affection in a facebook post or a comment, you can simply type  ‘<3’  and press enter. The symbol for love automatically appears.

These steps all work for all the different types of content on facebook. If you find a post you particularly like a lot and want to add a heart symbol in your comment, than just follow the steps. Did you see a picture or an image that made you extraordinarily happy? With these steps you can add a loving symbol to your reaction in a heartbeat. Even posting on someone facebook page.

Facebook status update

You can use this symbol of course not only for comments or messages. For those users that feel on top of the world you also use these steps to create a heart symbol in your status update. You can express your joy for the day or a particular event in you participated. Maybe there was a happening you witnessed that made you feel very happy. Express the feeling with a status update with a sweet heart symbol.

Here are the complete steps:

  1. Find a post on Facebook you particularly love or picture that makes you extraordinarily happy.
  2. Write your message or comment
  3. Where you want insert the heart symbol in your status update or comment, you type ‘<3″
  4. Post your message. The ‘<3’ is changed into a pink heart symbol




Other ways to make a heart symbol

You can also put a heart symbol on facebook by using the heart symbols in windows. Check this video.

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