Making a heart symbol in whatsapp

The technology has many names and forms to it in today’s times. That way one could equate the forms love and technology as almost equal, and the purpose of the two too being similar- one being the very existence of this life, and the other facilitating this goal of life in a more tangible form! So, it is but natural that love is going the technical way- in its communication and expression that is (thank god, for as much only)!

Love: Technology and Whatsapp

As the regular emails gave way to the long but a bit hesitant long chats (as the cell phone rates were nearly killing at one point in time!) on the cell phone, today these memories give a smile of a chided past. The technology sure is making us look at these times in this light! Coming back to the topic of love and technology, they are now more of the made for each other kinds, like never before. Just the way the heart shaped symbol and its ramifications in terms of love are to be considered. So, now there are various technical tools by the help of which you could convey the state of your desire and depth of your emotions, may be by sending across the sheer number of these heart shaped symbols to your chosen one!In fact, it can be considered as a the quickest conveyance of words like “I love you”, or “missing you heartily”, and so on. And these symbols are potent, as the picture is worth a thousand words, and many such deep emotions too. And so has metamorphosed the whole world of love and its expression, thanks to the cool embedment of the technology. One such technology that has swept the people all across is that of Whatsapp.

The Heart shaped symbol and Whatsapp

As have taken the whole premises of the communication by cell phones and smart phones and the many other technical tablets, the feature of Whatsapp is one that is a must in today’s times- for the communication-sensitive ones at least! And as one begin to talk about sending the heart shape symbol through various modes like social media, SMS and so on, the facility of Whatsapp too ensures that it gives you that extra option to send this favorite emoticon through your technical friend- via Whatsapp.
The proper way to go about sending this symbol to the one anticipating it the most is:
You go to the chat where next to the typing field there is a smiley emoticon. Click it to bring up a list of emoticons that can be used. Also, now there are various types of heart shaped symbol. Their type decides the intention of you sending it forth.

For example:
If it is an emoji of an envelope with a heart shape seal on it. This emoji means a love letter, a mail that contains a letter by the special one. This emoji is used when the sender invites an individual on a date, sends lovable messages and gift to denote love and dating. The emoticon or Emoji originated in Japan and it means picture.

If you notice a Purple Heart emoji or icon on your WhatsApp message, it means prohibited Love and not one that is induced by the military! It simply signifies that the sender likes you but does not love you. Thus, sending a purple heart in order to show that he/she cares for you but nor loves you.
Pink Hearts: That means you love each other or you`re involved with each other. Or maybe it`s a sign that He/she wants to court you.

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