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Convey through social media- the state of your heart!
Heart has its way it is, almost every time. And to convey one’s surge of those ‘love emotions’ sometimes cannot be possible due to various restrictions in the current times- be it time or professional commitments, or even geographical locations. The expression of love though has come a long way- from using pigeons and birds to convey the feel, as in the very old times, to writing postcards and letters in the not so long ago era.
Now the mode of communication of love has changed, as the technology has settled its way in every moment of the modern life. The modes of communication being essentially the phone, the emails, the social media sites like face book and twitter and the ilk. But whatever be the mode, one thing in this pool of variety is what has not changed is the very core of this heart shape, the curves that are so much in tandem with the twirls a heart filled with love emanates!
Heart shape: All about what it conveys
The heart is the center all the activities in a human body. After the nervous system, in terms of the sheer existence of a human physiology it the cardio system that is pivotal to a human life. The heart shape is like a graphical acknowledgement, a rather poetic one at that too, to keep us reminded of this aspect. Though, the physiology is nowhere in mind, when one sees a heart symbol! It is the romance that takes the prima space and attention in those curves! It has been for a very long time being the graphical representation of what the words failed to capture and convey. It is a rather easy get away for the not-so-poetic or the imaginative ones to express their intention and sincerity of their soft selves to their beloved. And even though it has been used for ages to express and convey one’s love, the sweethearts never seem to have enough of it! So, never would the heart symbol be thrown into the backdrop even Iin this fast-changing world!
Current conveying the ‘hearty’ feel: The social media, the phone and all that!
As the modes of communication have changed, so has the manner of sending across this heart shaped messages too! Some of the modes to send these shapes are:
Through Face book. Following are the ways to do so:

A Pink Heart: Punch <3. Press Enter now. Once this is published, the <3 would be replaced with a pink colored heart symbol. The Emoji heart: This is simply using the Emoji Heart shaped symbol. There are two steps; Using Chrome you will notice black heart squares. If you use Firefox or Safari, then you would see plain hearts in black. You simply need to copy the heart or square you wish for and paste it on the Face book post/ comment. After this, you can copy and paste, it will give many options to choose from, like Beating heart, Sparkling heart, Growing Heart, Green heart, blue heart, yellow heart… and so on. So pick the color of your expression and send it. 2. Through Twitter: There are a few methods that can be employed to do so. They are: Using Emoticons: Instead of using combinations of alt key, or copying and pasting, control panel, try using emotion icons or emoticons: <3 is one of the many ways to do it, or even<333 and see the vial effect of it! It is about mixing and matching here. Copy and Paste: First, copy a heart symbol on your tweet. Copy one of the options of the heart and then to twitter. Now, paste it by switching over to twitter. It is all so simple and on the platter for you! Using Combos on your keyboard: hold the Alt key. Press ‘3” then. The heart symbol appears. Now, make an empty heart tweet and type # 9825. This creates an open heart symbol to where your cursor was. The saga of these modes continue… just as the flow of emotions in your heart! Use these heart shaped symbols to express your heart felt feelings of love to your loved one today! What are you still waiting for? Use the various tricks to get the heart symbol.

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